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Nothing makes me happier than sitting in front of my computer with a glass of wine, some good tunes.. and making magic on the screen.

Designing for 10 years - self taught. As my other hobbies came and went, I always found myself on the computer learning "new and cool" programs and techniques. And voila... the launch of my own design portal - www.karenbehne.com

What software do I use?

Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Illustrator, InDesign & Flash
HTML, CSS, Wordpress, Javascript and PHP

What can you count on?
I'm fast. I'm reliable. Pricing is fair. And I like to consider myself friendly :-)

The biggest reason why clients choose me?
Because you will get a unique design, completely customized to your needs. And the creative process doesn't stop until you are satisfied.

What's my background?
Music actually.... love it. Jazz saxophone (Carleton University) but it was time to switch it up. Bring on Marketing (Concordia University). Photography was next... welcome Dawson's College. Throw in some Woodworking and General Business courses (Algonquin College) and that about wraps it up.

Inspiration. Dedication. Coffee.
The tools behind my creativity... give me 15mins to prove how I can transform your goals into reality.

Contact me today for a free consultation; the coffee's on me.











Karen Behne
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